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Billinge was founded around 550 AD by an Angle tribe, the Varini, whose leading clan, the Billingas, gave the village and its first ruling family their names. Billinge retained its Anglo Saxon name and culture throughout the subsequent invasion and settlement by the Norsemen, 700 - 800. Around 1290, the Manor of Billinge divided into four. The ancient manor houses of Billinge, Birchley, Bispham and Winstanley are still standing. Billinge remained a comparatively isolated community for centuries, until the coal boom and the rise of Wigan and St Helens as industrial centres during the Industrial Revolution.

Stone was mined in Billinge as far back as the 11th century. The manor houses, churches, schools, farm buildings, pubs and houses were all built from locally quarried stone.

After the auction of the Winstanley Estate to meet death duties in 1951, Billinge Council allowed new housing estates to be built and many old stone buildings were abandoned, condemned or demolished…

Photo credit: Ian Bonnell Photography (full size).

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